Great disposable protective sheets Hospitals often use disposable protective sheets such as these for simple protection, to keep patients clean and to prevent stains and reduce spread of diseases. Generally they're made of either of some high-absorbent tissue or airlaid along with a laminate made out of polyethylene. It's highly effective at preventing leakage and body liquids from making a mess by absorbing it. Since they're disposable it makes it easy to use them and not have to be concerned of how to handle the sheets afterwards as you can simply throw it away rather than needing to wash it. Disposable protective sheets is something you'll often see used, not just in hospitals as there's different types and can be seen in other places, other industries that require something to help keep up a good hygiene without having to do extra work regarding washing. You may at times see it used by regular people as well.

Keeping things clean

There's plenty of things other than disposable protective sheets that are used as simple and effective ways of keeping things clean, to keep bacteria and viruses from spreading any further and to keep liquids from staining. Disposable hygiene products are used almost everywhere, both private and in industrial and medical settings for the cheap price while still maintaining a decent or high quality. It can be simple things, like wipes and bibs, to udder towels being used in farms to help in the farm work and reduce the workload on farmers. All of it is just so that life and hygiene can be a bit easier for you.​​